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Please consider joining one of the service teams.

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Please ask to talk to one of the co-ordinators to offer to help. Somethings just can't happen if we don't have the volunteers. These are great opportunities for giving and for supporting others with the gift of your service.

Facebook and other online social networks have become a very influential and well patronized element of today's community life and like it or not it has a potential to reach into many homes and to touch isolated individuals. The leadership of C3 Church Jervis Bay is very aware of this and believes we should make positive use of this technology if at all possible. To this end we are looking for applicants to head up and co-ordinate an online connect group for church members. The premise is that we can bring people who might, due to home circumstances or commitments, otherwise find it difficult to get to a weekly connect group together online to share and discuss issues just as a regular connect group would. The technology is here and it is relatively free to all. If you believe you could offer yourself in service to others through this idea and would like to step up to a position of responsibility and leadership contact Graham by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact the Church office on 4441 8738 or talk directly to Pastor Steve at his convenience.