c3 Church - Jervis Bay | Discipling

C3 Church Jervis Bay offers a number of Bible Studies and practical Bible knowledge courses aimed at discipling others in the Word.

We have material for new Christians or those just wanting to understand the very heart of the Gospel to pass on to others.

We are, as a Church, preparing to undertake the Scripture Union E100 Bible Reading and appreciation course and this will be open to all ( see the material below )

We also have held Mid Week Bible Classes at the Church on Wednesday evenings that can be tailored to the needs of those that wish to attend.

We also began our first home grown course a few years back - the 1 Peter 3:15 course - a course looking at an apologetics approach to the questions popularised by the new atheists.

From time to time new resourcing material will be made available online for download and on-use and this material can be accessed via the resources tab on the main menu bar.

Finally, through C3i and affiliates we have access to many Conferences and Special Purpose Events at various locations within the movement, information on which is readily available at www.myc3church.net/conferences

If you are interested in knowing more about the opportunities for your own personal growth or that of others contact Graham Wise at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or the Church office on 4441 8738.


CRISIS!? Less than 25% of Christians regularly read their Bible!!

The Bible is getting pushed to the outer realms of importance and even Christians are valuing it less and less. Statistics tell us that fewer than 25% of Christians read their Bible weekly, and most find it difficult to uncover any relevance and power for their lives.

ANSWER!! The E100 Challenge is Scripture Union's answer to this Bible reading crisis.

Simply put, E100 is a Bible Reading Challenge that gets people reading the Bible they already own. It dares people to pick up their Bible, re-engage the scriptures and allow God to do something powerful through His Word...

want to know more....... Check out the site www.e100challenge.com.au